Subject Re: Re: Guardian restarting and Errors in Log file
Author Ashley Moodley
Original message :

What do you see in the firebird.log prior to the Guardian restarting?

However, don't eliminate the possibility that you are getting some periodic
fatal error occurring due to your use of the BDE with Firebird 1.5. There
is *no* version of the BDE that is warranted for use with ODS 10
databases. The very last BDE driver (5.2, shipped with Delphi 6) has known
bugs with respect to ODS 10 data types. Any client machine having even
older versions of the BDE installed would be *expected* to cause problems.

If you are using an event alerter in your application, you could experience
such periodic crashes if you have clients using the wrong version of the
client library. Any Interbase client library from v. 5.5 forward could
cause this type of crash, even with the "correctly matched" server version.


When the Guardian re-starts,the ffg message appears in the Log file :
*RANDSERV (Client) Tue Sep 27 12:15:56 2005
C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_1_5\bin\fbserver.exe: terminated abnormally (4294967295)

*I have also been concerned about the fact that we use BDE to connect to the DB. Our app is written in C++ Builder 5.0 and uses BDE 5.1 to connect. All client machines have this same version of BDE installed.I was not aware until U mentioned to me that there is NO version of BDE warranted for use with ODS 10 databases.Do you think that our problems experienced could mainly be due to the BDE? Do you suugest we move away from BDE to maybe something like IBObjects or what do you suggest? If we change - would there be drastic code changes required in the application?

I have come across the fbclient.dll and msvcp60.dll that is shipped with Firebird. Do i need to copy these 2 .DLL's over to all the client machines as well? PS: Client machines are using Win95, Win 98, Win2000 and Win NT.