Subject Re: Network DB
Author petersi
Thanks for your input, you are certainly entiteld to your opinion and
I do agree with what you are saying (mostly:), my comments are my
opinion, and I stand by them. I don't know if you have taken any
customer relation like courses but I have, and this is a prevalent
concept and may seem strange, even now, but it's still out there.

Let's let this go, as we are starting to move out of the context of
the forum.


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> From: "petersi" <petersimard@s...>
> > I have read a few comments about how interaction with the client
> > should be handled (found in this thread). While I know this is
> > for humour, I think we should all understand and agree that not
> > everybody is as technically inclined as we are. The way I treat
> > clients/customers is with the intention of explaining things as
> > as possible (in plain english) and allow them to make their
> > based on that. I'm there to help them [make decisions], not
> > how or what they are thinking, but to give them the ability to see
> > the possibilities and make an adequate decision. If in the end
> > they "screw up" then it's my job to make sure there is a solution
> > the "screw up" and, yes, even take the blame (because it was my
> > they went down that path.
> >
> > This may seem strange to some people or incorrect, but I have been
> > dealing with the user/driver side of developing software for a
> > period now, and I now understand that the client is always right
> > (even if I know in my heart they are not). My job is to get them
> > go the way I want while still having them feel they are getting
> > they want. It is a game of politics, but it's necessary.
> Peter, with all due respect, this is BS. You are in no way
obligated to
> accept a job from a client where you will be held responsible for
> mistakes or idiocy. I tell all my clients up front what is expected
of me
> and of them and if they don't like it, well , they are free to hire
> else to do the job. I refuse to take responsibility for their
> The old "customer is always right" is a farce, IMHO, because they
aren't the
> ones who went to school for programming and don't do research every
day in
> our field. We are the ones who read newsgroups, try new stuff,
> and learn constantly. If they can't accept that, then they need to
look for
> someone else to help them. They usually get what they pay for as
they find
> out eventually.
> Woody (TMW)