Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Network DB
Author Woody
From: "petersi" <petersimard@...>
> I have read a few comments about how interaction with the client
> should be handled (found in this thread). While I know this is mostly
> for humour, I think we should all understand and agree that not
> everybody is as technically inclined as we are. The way I treat
> clients/customers is with the intention of explaining things as best
> as possible (in plain english) and allow them to make their decisions
> based on that. I'm there to help them [make decisions], not control
> how or what they are thinking, but to give them the ability to see
> the possibilities and make an adequate decision. If in the end
> they "screw up" then it's my job to make sure there is a solution to
> the "screw up" and, yes, even take the blame (because it was my fault
> they went down that path.
> This may seem strange to some people or incorrect, but I have been
> dealing with the user/driver side of developing software for a good
> period now, and I now understand that the client is always right
> (even if I know in my heart they are not). My job is to get them to
> go the way I want while still having them feel they are getting what
> they want. It is a game of politics, but it's necessary.

Peter, with all due respect, this is BS. You are in no way obligated to
accept a job from a client where you will be held responsible for their
mistakes or idiocy. I tell all my clients up front what is expected of me
and of them and if they don't like it, well , they are free to hire someone
else to do the job. I refuse to take responsibility for their mistakes.

The old "customer is always right" is a farce, IMHO, because they aren't the
ones who went to school for programming and don't do research every day in
our field. We are the ones who read newsgroups, try new stuff, experiment
and learn constantly. If they can't accept that, then they need to look for
someone else to help them. They usually get what they pay for as they find
out eventually.

Woody (TMW)