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Author petersi

I have read a few comments about how interaction with the client
should be handled (found in this thread). While I know this is mostly
for humour, I think we should all understand and agree that not
everybody is as technically inclined as we are. The way I treat
clients/customers is with the intention of explaining things as best
as possible (in plain english) and allow them to make their decisions
based on that. I'm there to help them [make decisions], not control
how or what they are thinking, but to give them the ability to see
the possibilities and make an adequate decision. If in the end
they "screw up" then it's my job to make sure there is a solution to
the "screw up" and, yes, even take the blame (because it was my fault
they went down that path.

This may seem strange to some people or incorrect, but I have been
dealing with the user/driver side of developing software for a good
period now, and I now understand that the client is always right
(even if I know in my heart they are not). My job is to get them to
go the way I want while still having them feel they are getting what
they want. It is a game of politics, but it's necessary.


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> > I want to thank everybody for their input. Was very informative
> > helpful. I will use the information supplied in my discussions
> > the client.
> If your client insists on using Embedded with a networked datafile,
> smack him in the back of his head... That usually works.
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