Subject Re: Network DB
Author Adam
> Well, the "embedded" setup should only be used if accessing one or
> more local datafile(s) by a single user.
> It cannot be used for multi-user access.

There is one exception to this. If you have a n-tier application that
handles the connection pooling through a single service, then you can
indeed use embedded even though you have multi-users. The restriction
of embedded to a single user is because two server instances can not
have control of the same FDB file (for SS anyway). Because embedded is
a Superserver nested inside a dll, then if two different applications
try to connect, then that is two different Superserver instances. But
for a simple client-server architecture, embedded is only useful for
single user single applications.

As far as the "client install" goes, I mean how hard is it to drop the
appropriately (re)named dll into your applications install folder. I
have never used a DBMS with such a simple client installation.