Subject Re: [firebird-support] Network DB
Author Ivan Prenosil
> I'm not purporting it, but I have to get enough info together to explain to
> the client what would be better, and why the multi user access to the DB via
> embedded firebird (clients - to a db file on a network) is not necessarily a
> good thing.

Firebird superserver engine (which is used in embedded version too)
expects that it is the only process working with db file, which is something
you can't reliably ensure when accessing file remotely.

To prevent db corruption Firebird also needs to control the order of write
operations, which you can ensure when accessing file remotely.

Your proposed setup will also cause huge performance degradation,
because it will convert fast client/server database (where you just send
request and retrieve result) into dumb file oriented desktop database
that suffer from unnecessary sending of big amounts of data over network.