Subject RE: [firebird-support] Network DB
Author Simon Carter
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> We have to remember that we as software developers have to
> give the customer what they want, even if sometimes that may
> entail doing something that is not ideal. As long as we make
> the best decisions and [try] to cover possible situations
> that arise then we are doing our job.

But in this case, the client has chosen the technology, without researching
'how' it can be used, perhaps you could explain to them that a square peg
doesn't fit in a round hole, unless the hole is much bigger of course :-)

> but sometimes the client wants what they want (you just have
> to let them know what the results are going to be).

Perhaps they should download the sources, remove this constraint and start
using their custom build, it would appear, that until they burn their
fingers by losing data and corrupting databases, they are not going to learn
a valuable lesson, that a number of intelligent people have looked at,
analysed the risks and determined that what they are trying to do is not the
best option, especially considering the fact that Classic or Superserver
will serve their needs in a more than adequate method.

Btw, could you trim your posts please :-)


Si Carter