Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Access in asc and desc order, index twice?
Author Federico Tello Gentile
Adam wrote:
> A reality check, at that rate of growth, it might be 5 years before
> you get any measurable increase in performance. I would add both
> indices though, as it wont be expensive to maintain them and it is
> good practice to have appropriate indices to back up any queries you
> plan on running. It may be 10 this month, in two years time, who knows
> it may jump to 500 a month.

Thanks for the answer. Reading the InterBase 6 documentation that exact
question is answered in a "Note". I added both indexes, mostly because I
was not confortable with two table full scans to sort the rows every
time I add a payment. i rather have the index read even when I all the
table may be in one database block (for now).