Subject Re: [firebird-support] Looking for ADO driver for Delphi 6
Author Sam Hunt
Jason Dodson wrote:

> Out of the 6 or so (free and otherwise) OLEDB drivers for
> Interbase/Firebird, the one I listed gave me the least trouble. Your
> mileage may vary, of
> course.
> If the ZStyle v5 driver isn't free, then the author needs to point
> that out. All I see all over the page is:
> "Announcement: Here you can download free of charge v5 Ole DB driver!"
> "<a href="">Free version
> 5</a>" as opposed to "<a
> href="">Trial
> version 4.37</a>"
> "Who Can Use the ZStyleGroup OLE DB driver
> Application and consumer developers, including ADO developers, can use
> the ZStyleGroup OLE DB driver for Interbase/Firebird to access data
> stored in
> existing Interbase and Firebird databases."
> All indications of ANY kind of licensing seems (though as you pointed
> out, may not be true) to be for 4.37, not 5.
> Jason
I apologize for the oversight. You are correct.
Now that you pointed it out, I do recall there being two versions and
the licensing was different for them, and I think the "IBFree5" driver
was in fact free, as you stated.

BTW, we found the ZStyle driver to be very good and made some of our
connection issues easier (because we didn't understand all we knew),
until one day we recd the error msg (something like) "Error: Feature
not supported" doing something rather common. We changed back to the FB
SourceForge driver (and finally learned how to use FB aliases in
conjunction with the MS ODBC Manager and how to create the correct
connection string to be used in Delphi) and the problem went away.

Thx for the correction.

Sam Hunt