Subject Re: [firebird-support] Looking for ADO driver for Delphi 6
Author Doru Constantin
Sam Hunt wrote:
> BTW, I found the ODBC driver available at SourceForge to be quite
> adequate, and it IS free.
> Sam Hunt

From my experience with ZStyle v5 FB OLEDB driver and FB/IB OdbcJdbc
driver from SF I can tell you that the second one is faster.
The test involve a single table with 4 fieds (integer, char(10),
char(10), numeric(15,2) and varchar(30)) and 100000 records.
The statement was:

SELECT theTable.* from theTable

1 - ZStyle v5 FB OLEDB = 9.7s (rs.MoveLast)

2 - Clear the cash
+stop FB server(v2alfa3)
+restart winXP
+start server

2 - FB/IB OdbcJdbc driver from SF = 2.8s

I know, 100k it is a big dataset but ... this is just a siple test.
Otherwise, ZStyle v5 FB OLEDB is Ok.
And BTW, it was MS VFPoxpro 9, not Delphi.


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