Subject Re: [firebird-support] Looking for ADO driver for Delphi 6
Author Jason Dodson
Out of the 6 or so (free and otherwise) OLEDB drivers for Interbase/Firebird, the one I listed gave me the least trouble. Your mileage may vary, of

If the ZStyle v5 driver isn't free, then the author needs to point that out. All I see all over the page is:

"Announcement: Here you can download free of charge v5 Ole DB driver!"
"<a href="">Free version 5</a>" as opposed to "<a href="">Trial
version 4.37</a>"
"Who Can Use the ZStyleGroup OLE DB driver

Application and consumer developers, including ADO developers, can use the ZStyleGroup OLE DB driver for Interbase/Firebird to access data stored in
existing Interbase and Firebird databases."

All indications of ANY kind of licensing seems (though as you pointed out, may not be true) to be for 4.37, not 5.


Sam Hunt wrote:
> Jason Dodson wrote:
>>Actually, ADO is an ActiveX library built on top of OLEDB. All you
>>need is an OLEDB driver... and lucky for you, there is a free one here:
>>joseph_ceasar wrote:
>>>Can the ADO .NET be used with Delphi 6? Is there an ADO driver that
>>>does not require .NET?
>>>Thank you