Subject Re: [firebird-support] Looking for ADO driver for Delphi 6
Author Sam Hunt
Jason Dodson wrote:

> Actually, ADO is an ActiveX library built on top of OLEDB. All you
> need is an OLEDB driver... and lucky for you, there is a free one here:
> Jason
> joseph_ceasar wrote:
> > Can the ADO .NET be used with Delphi 6? Is there an ADO driver that
> > does not require .NET?
> >
> > Thank you

I visited the author's website for this product a few weeks ago and (at
that time) he states that this product is not free.
The author requests that you buy a license, if you continue to use the
So it's actually shareware - try-before-you-buy.
As I recall, the site lists licensing schedules for single-user,
developer, and corps.

BTW, I found the ODBC driver available at SourceForge to be quite
adequate, and it IS free.
Sam Hunt