Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Database corruption if server is not properly shutdown
Author Federico Tello Gentile
Adam wrote:
> --- In, Federico Tello Gentile
> <fgentile@s...> wrote:
> Your foreign key is defined as on delete set null, BUT you have a not
> NULL constraint on the table. First thing you need to understand is
> that constraints are internally implemented as triggers. Infact check
> the RDB$CHECK_CONSTRAINTS, that will return the trigger name, then

The column was defined as not null references...
Now I see this is not related with properly shuting down FB. It happened
again. I think this corruption comes from dropping and recreating all DB
objects from Flamerobin via a DDL statements script. I will not use
flamerobin anymore and I will use isql to make alterations instead of
dropping everything and recreating it.
I hope I never see that message again.

> Depending on which order these constraints are processed, the NULL
> value may be able to be stored in a NOT NULL field. This IMO would be
> a bug.

This does not matter, since this only hapens when the DB is already
working bad.
I used that example to show that the DB was corrupted, once it is
corrupted I don't care what it is doing wrong.