Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Issue deploying FirebirdSql.Data.Bdp...
Author Simon Carter
Hi Scott,

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> I am kindof swaying towards there being some link with the
> BDP assemblies that is missing, but I cannot find much
> information about deploying the BDP (or more importantly, any
> .xml files that the BDP assemblies may require to function correctly).
> Any other thoughts?

TBH I have given up on Delphi 8 & 9 and switched to Visual Studio/C# for
.net work :-) and I have never used BDP. Some other things I would try are:

~ Make sure the firebird .net provider is registered in global cache.
~ Check which modules are loaded whilst debugging, to see if it
dynamically links with other dll's.
~ Use Dependency Walker (
~ Copying all the dll's from "\Common Files\Borland Shared\BDS\Shared
Assemblies\3.0" and registering them 1 at a time on the target pc.


Si Carter