Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Database corruption if server is not properly shutdown
Author Milan Babuskov
Federico Tello Gentile wrote:
> The column was defined as not null references...
> Now I see this is not related with properly shuting down FB. It happened
> again. I think this corruption comes from dropping and recreating all DB
> objects from Flamerobin via a DDL statements script.

FlameRobin does not create DDL scripts (yet), so perhaps you can show
them to us?

Please note that FlameRobin simply parses the input script and sends it
to Firebird, it does not alter anything, so if the script makes hell in
FR, to will probably do it in isql too.

> I will not use
> flamerobin anymore and I will use isql to make alterations instead of
> dropping everything and recreating it.
> I hope I never see that message again.

Also, note that automatic commiting of DDL is by default *on* in isql,
and by default *off* in FlameRobin. This could make a very big
difference. FlameRobin 0.4.0 (soon to be released) will support isql's
SET AUTODDL command. Until then I suggest you don't use FR to run
scripts generated by isql (for example with isql -x) as there is no way
to turn autocommit on.

Milan Babuskov