Subject Re: localhost connection is broken
Author joseph_ceasar
--- In, Lester Caine <lester@l...>
> What I would do is simply uninstall the drivers for the network
> and then reboot the machine so that windows starts from scratch on
> network setup. It works when we have lost 'multicast' - a quite
> problem, but not sure if it will help in your case. Since installing
> something network wise caused the problem, hopefully a clean install
> will remove it?

Well, I don't thin kthat that is the problem. I do have a "network".
I have a cable modem attached to a router. Obvoisly I am able to
connect to the Internet.....

I am trying to recall what is it that i did before I noticed the
failure of localhost and only 2 things come to mind. I installed a
VPN connection, which has already been removed. I also installed a
trial version of Interbase, which I later removed......