Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: localhost connection is broken
Author Lester Caine
joseph_ceasar wrote:

> I am using IBOConsole. The point is that the "local server"
> connection used to work. At one point it broke. I remember
> installing a new network connection to a VPN and after that it seems
> that this happened. I deleted the new network connection but that
> did not solve the problem......

Given the poor way in which network TCP/IP is handled in Windows that
situation does not surprise me :(
I was at a site on Friday where a database server (in this case MSSQL!)
was not working, but everything was on the one machine. It took a little
while to realise that is was simply the 'cable unplugged' problem.
Windows reconfigures the TCP/IP ( actually just switches it off ) if the
network connection is lost.
The solution there was to load the loopback adapter so there is always a
network connection even if the slave machine has had a tantrum.
So back to fixing YOUR problem. The Microsoft answer is 'reinstall
windows', but then that is their answer to most things, and
unfortunately most of the time they are right :(
What I would do is simply uninstall the drivers for the network card,
and then reboot the machine so that windows starts from scratch on the
network setup. It works when we have lost 'multicast' - a quite common
problem, but not sure if it will help in your case. Since installing
something network wise caused the problem, hopefully a clean install
will remove it?

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services