Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: localhost connection is broken
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:46 AM 4/09/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>Just a reminder. This is on a Windows XP Pro PC.
>Ping localhost resolves to, which is my PC. No other PC is
>on the network.
>I can connect with ISQL but I am not sure how to specify localhost.
>The way I am connecting is CONNECT <path> user sysdba password

Here you are doing a "Windows local" connection. It does not use a network

Localhost is not the same thing: it is an emulated network connection, to
the TCP/IP local loopback server. Try a lls connection with isql, as follows:

SQL>CONNECT 'localhost:drive:\path\to\database\file' user 'sysdba' password

[where "drive" is the actual drive name as seen on the server, not a share
or a mapping of any sort]

-- note the quotes on the strings. Note also that the connection string
will require double-quotes if there are any spaces in the path name.

Of course, if you are using FbEmbedded, then you can not use any sort of
network protocol for the connection....ONLY Windows local will work. I recall correctly that the original problem you reported was
that IBConsole complained it "could not connect to Services manager"? This
is a different problem since, unlike isql, IBConsole is a front-end to the
Services API.

If you are running Firebird Classic, IBConsole will return this error
because IBConsole was written for InterBase. InterBase doesn't have a
Windows Classic version; and any IBConsole exe that was compiled by
Borland is hard-coded to reject a connection to anything but
Superserver. (It won't connect to a Classic server on a Linux host, either.)

I believe this limitation was inherent in the early version of IBOConsole,
too, but was fixed later, to take account of the fact that some aspects of
the Services API were implemented for Fb 1.5 Classic. You might want to
consider visiting, and downloading the most recent
IBOConsole executable.