Subject Re: localhost connection is broken
Author joseph_ceasar
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>

> Here you are doing a "Windows local" connection. It does not use
a network
> protocol.
> Localhost is not the same thing: it is an emulated network
connection, to
> the TCP/IP local loopback server. Try a lls connection with isql,
as follows:
> SQL>CONNECT 'localhost:drive:\path\to\database\file' user 'sysdba'
> 'masterkey';

This worked fine!

> I believe this limitation was inherent in the early version of
> too, but was fixed later, to take account of the fact that some
aspects of
> the Services API were implemented for Fb 1.5 Classic. You might
want to
> consider visiting, and downloading the most recent
> IBOConsole executable.
> ./heLen

I am using IBOConsole. The point is that the "local server"
connection used to work. At one point it broke. I remember
installing a new network connection to a VPN and after that it seems
that this happened. I deleted the new network connection but that
did not solve the problem......