Subject Re: localhost connection is broken
Author joseph_ceasar
Just a reminder. This is on a Windows XP Pro PC.

Ping localhost resolves to, which is my PC. No other PC is
on the network.

I can connect with ISQL but I am not sure how to specify localhost.
The way I am connecting is CONNECT <path> user sysdba password

> Geoff,
> It wont be fbserver or 3050 would have said connection refused when
> trying to telnet. Good point about the firewall though (although from
> memory I think he said he could connect using IBOConsole using the IP
> address If that is the case, then the firewall is not
> doing a particularily good job.
> ping -a localhost
> What computer name and IP does this resolve to?
> If it is indeed your machine, then can you connect using iSQL?
> Adam