Subject ISC ERROR CODE:335544375 unavailable database
Author james_t_mcneill
Sorry to be a pain. I've had to reinstall Firebird because I forgot
the sysdba password. Guardian says it's version, on
Windows XP Home Edition 2002 SP 2. Now when I try to use ib_sql or
IBQuery I get the above error message "ISC ERROR CODE:335544375
unavailable database" (yes the database definitely exists, I browsed
to get the path). Using Superserver. I deleted the firebird folder
before the reinstall, and took all standard options.

I used GSEC to change the sysdba password, then created a database,
but I just cannot connect to it using either of ib_sql or ibquery,
although both worked before the reinstall. Following a hint in
another posting I tried replacing gds32.dll with gds32_previous.dll
in the same folder.

Oh - also noticed that when I tried "SELECT * FROM RDB$RELATIONS" in
isql it came back blank.

Obviously I'm doing something dumb. Anyone care to put me out of my