Subject Copying one database to another
Author Steve Harp

I'm copying records from one database to another. The database only
has 16 tables but some of the tables have over 200,000 records so I'm
commiting every 500 inserts and after each table.

What seems to be happening is that the first table copies over clean.
The next five tables don't copy anything although records are being
processed and TIB_Query.CanModify is true.

On the next table, I get a foriegn key constraint error for every
record because the preceeding tables didn't actually copy any data. I
don't understand why these preceeding tables act like they're
receiving data but end up empty when the first table copies correctly.
I'm using a procedure where I pass a table name and copy all records
and all fields to the target table. I'm thinking that, if my
procedure was flawed, the first table processed wouldn't be getting
any data.

Any ideas?