Subject Re: [firebird-support] What pratice is better?
Author David Johnson
On Fri, 2005-08-26 at 08:26 -0400, Jason Dodson wrote:
> > To which I would add this note: Make sure what you are hitting is a
> > nail before you decide which hammer to use. You may really need a
> > screwdriver.
> >
> > It seems odd to me that the _application_ would determine what parts of
> > tables are to be viewed, rather than the user's privileges.
> Now I am not the original question asker, but you may be getting ahead of yourself there bucko. It is possible that this person just wants to show
> relevant data at some point, not restrict access.
> Jason

Entirely possible ... but the question seems oddly phrased, hence the

Does he need a little tutorial assistance with SQL and RDBMS
fundamentals, or a full fledged enterprise security architecture? I
can't tell from his context.