Subject Re: [firebird-support] asynchronous events
Author unordained
> May be you don't copy "new" buffer into "old" one so counters are
> not up-to-dated?

Hmmm. For each request, I had an object containing a full copy of:
ISC_STATUS count_array[1];
ISC_LONG event_id;
char *event_buffer;
char *result_buffer;
string event_name;
isc_db_handle * db;
short length;

(I had a full copy of status_vector also, but wound up removing that for some reason.)

The event function is as in the IB6 documentation (and the same function is passed to
isc_que_events for every request) (except they had the type of callback as the return value, which
is wrong)

int event_function (char *result, short length, char *updated)
while (length--)
*result++ = *updated++;
return 0;

This isn't to say I didn't screw up (obviously, I did somewhere, because it doesn't work as
advertised) ... but at least I think I was copying the data from old to new?

I'll keep hacking at it. Thanks Dmitry, at least I feel better knowing it's -supposed- to 'receive'
events immediately... that just freaked me out.