Subject asynchronous events
Author unordained
So, I've been playing with the C Firebird API, using Interbase6 docs ...

a) Event names are case-sensitive, apparently?

b) Is it normal for the events to appear to 'fire' once right after registering them?

c) How are other people going about registering more than 15 or so events at once? I tried using
separate EPBs, registering one event name on each, and ... somehow, -every- time I called
isc_event_counts() on each EPB (pair), that event would appear to have fired (even though it
shouldn't.) Is there some issue with trying to use several arrays of requests, some structure that
winds up being shared (or not) that shouldn't be (or should)?

(Sadly, google finds very few useful results for 'isc_que_events'.)

If anyone has example code that fixes any of the above problems, I'd really appreciate it.