Subject Any users of IntraWeb & Delphi here?
Author Clay Shannon
If there are any IntraWeb users here (especially version 7.2) and Delphi
(especially version 7), I would like to pick your brain re: connecting to a
FB database in an IW app (as opposed to a "normal" type of app).

I can attach to my FB database from conventional (non-web) apps with no
problem, but have beaten my head against the wall for a few hours trying to
connect within an IW app (a few hours about 10 days ago, and a few hours
again today, when I was finally able to return my attention to new
development). I have tried my usual method (connecting via FIB+ components),
and also attempted to make a connection using IBX, ADO, and dbExpress
components, all of which crash in cataclysmic Cajun flames.

What does IW require that is not necessary in a conventional app?

I can just get to the point where I get err msgs that my username and
password are not set up (not true-they are)

Clay Shannon,

Dimension 4 Software

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