Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird and Beowulf
Author Jason Dodson
PVM is a rather old and dated IPC for systems like Beowulf. As a matter
of fact, MPI was created to be a more portable, standard replacement.
PVM is still used in the sense that Fortran is still used (ironically,
it is probably old Fortran programmers that are familiar with PVM).

Beowulf clustered systems can communicate multitudes of other ways...
Shared memory probably being one, but also SysV IPC if I am not mistaken.


Leyne, Sean wrote:
> David,
>>Note that Firebird will function over TCP/IP, not any of the
>>replacements used to boost communications performance in beowulf
>>architectures. Mind you, a PVM communications plugin for Vulcan might
>>be interesting ... never mind the manic gleam in my eye ... get that
>>whit coat away from me ... aaaaah!
> PVM ???
> Sean