Subject Re: [firebird-support] Issues with .Net Data Provider
Author Aage Johansen
Ken & Deb Allen wrote:
> In the original email I indicated that the 'raw' size of the records
> was only 48 bytes, so these are not long records.
> I have not specified the page size, but saw a note that indicated the
> default page size for Firebird was 4KB; if this is not the case, how
> do I set the page size when creating the database from the .Net Data
> Provider using the embedded/stand-alone/single-use database?

4KB is probably just fine. But do check this - maybe your tool chose
something different (not using the default). Anyway, I don't think 1KB
page size would create this type of problem when you record size is just 48B.
You can set the page size when you create a database or when restoring
(with gbak). (How you do tha with the .Net provider is something I know
less than nothing about...)

It seems strange that the databae got that big - unless there are lots of
indexes and/or garbage (delete records or stubs of updated ones). You
could backup+restore the database to clean out the garbage and see what the
"true" size is.

Aage J.