Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: limbo transaction prevents user login
Author Guido Klapperich
> Hi Guido,
> When the other users log in, are the limbo transactions committed or
> rolled back? It is obviously going to make a difference to other
> transactions. You need to decide whether transaction 32141 should be
> committed or rolled back.
> Take a look at OpGuide.pdf pg 138. (mind you I would use gfix rather
> than IBConsole to achieve this).

I have been able to recover the limbo transaction with gfix yesterday,
that was not the problem. I would guess, that approximate 10% of the
replications fail, because the connection got interrupted. So limbo
transactions are nothing unusual for our database. But this time, it has
been the first time, that a limbo transaction blocks all users from
login. And that is the point, I don't understand.