Subject Re: limbo transaction prevents user login
Author Adam
--- In, Guido Klapperich
<guido.klapperich@t...> wrote:
> We have a FB database in the headquarter and several sales
> representatives with a local copy of the database on their laptops.
> sales reps replicate every day their database with the database in
> headquarter via ISDN or DSL. Sometimes it happens, that the
> between the laptops and the server gets interrupted while they
> replicate. Until today this has never been a problem, but today we
> the problem, that nobody in the headquarter could login to the
> They all got the error: record from transaction 32141 is stuck in
> limbo. I know what limbo means and I have been able to repair the
> database with gfix, but I don't why a single limbo transaction
> all user from login. Can someone please explain it to me.
> Regards
> Guido

Hi Guido,

When the other users log in, are the limbo transactions committed or
rolled back? It is obviously going to make a difference to other
transactions. You need to decide whether transaction 32141 should be
committed or rolled back.

Take a look at OpGuide.pdf pg 138. (mind you I would use gfix rather
than IBConsole to achieve this).

Hope that helps