Subject Re: Accessing tables across databases
Author joseigd
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> In one FB database, I need to access a handful of tables from another
> one. Can an SP do this? I mean, an SP in DB #1 that connects to DB #2,
> gain access to the tables it needs and then closes the connection.

Thanks to all that have responded. I suspected it wouldn't be possible.

The actual scenario is a somewhat big database with an auxiliary one
consisting basically in lookup tables. I would merge both databases
but that decision is not in my hands.

I was thinking in solutions similar to those posted in this thread,
accessing both databases in code (Delphi and VB, it's a multilanguage

From my POV, the real problem may arise when we need to make reports.

The only solution that comes to mind is to replicate the lookup tables
in the big database just before preparing the reports.

Any suggestions will be welcome