Subject Re: [OT] Thank you Helen!
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Sure Mark,
Helen can be cross, but no-one writes more helpful answers to this
list and she is almost always correct. Even in your case. At times,
this list is flooded with messages, we're almost 5000 members, some of
which get an email sent for every message to the list, whereas others
get messages less frequently or read through the Internet. You had
problems with your email, and sent five messages, not even marking
them as off-topic or test, nor giving any new information with each
mail. So I'm amongst those that think her reply was appropriate, this
list is brilliant for solving your original problem and one mail
marked [OT] asking about your problem sending mail to yahoogroups
would in my opinion be OK. Five mails is a borderline case for spam,
and rightly a warning about being moderated was sent.

I hope you'll get a more positive impression about this group and
Helen as you get more familiar with Firebird and firebird-support.


--- In, "Mark Deibert" wrote:
> Thank you so much Helen for your flame and attempted public
> humiliation. Some other members posted with very helpful comments.
> It seems GMail is auto-attaching something which I was unaware of. I
> can now correct the situation with their help. Your rude and
> insulting remarks are uncalled for inappropriate for a "moderator".
> To those who helped, I say thank you. To Helen I say shame on you.
> Mark Deibert