Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: [OT] Thank you Helen!
Author Jason Dodson
While we are on the topic (as off-topic as it is), I have similar grief
with not getting all posts. I asked a similar question because of the
mailing lists I belong to, this list and the Architect list are the only
ones I seem to have "dropped" mail from. And I only ever noticed this
because more often then not, the initial post is what is lossed.

This doesn't happen with a mail address however, which was my
work around.

Simple fact is, if it ever got to my server, I would at LEAST see a
rejection or a deferrment or something indicating it got there.

So I can understand Mark's reaction to it all, though I don't agree with
the spamming of the list.


Svein Erling Tysvær wrote:
> Sure Mark,
> Helen can be cross, but no-one writes more helpful answers to this
> list and she is almost always correct. Even in your case. At times,
> this list is flooded with messages, we're almost 5000 members, some of
> which get an email sent for every message to the list, whereas others
> get messages less frequently or read through the Internet. You had
> problems with your email, and sent five messages, not even marking
> them as off-topic or test, nor giving any new information with each
> mail. So I'm amongst those that think her reply was appropriate, this
> list is brilliant for solving your original problem and one mail
> marked [OT] asking about your problem sending mail to yahoogroups
> would in my opinion be OK. Five mails is a borderline case for spam,
> and rightly a warning about being moderated was sent.
> I hope you'll get a more positive impression about this group and
> Helen as you get more familiar with Firebird and firebird-support.
> Set
> --- In, "Mark Deibert" wrote:
>>Thank you so much Helen for your flame and attempted public
>>humiliation. Some other members posted with very helpful comments.
>>It seems GMail is auto-attaching something which I was unaware of. I
>>can now correct the situation with their help. Your rude and
>>insulting remarks are uncalled for inappropriate for a "moderator".
>>To those who helped, I say thank you. To Helen I say shame on you.
>>Mark Deibert