Subject Thank you Helen!
Author Mark Deibert
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> Please, these silly messages and re-posts to the list regarding
> problems with email or newsgroup clients have gotta stop.
> If you post a message and it doesn't make it to the list, then the
> is yours, not ours. If you don't understand the Yahoogroup rules
then GO
> READ THEM. If you don't know how to use your mail or news client
> read the help file (or buy a copy of Internet for Dummies and
study that!)
> Persistent whiners will be put on moderation, which is frustrating
for the
> whiner and time-wasting for the list moderators. Everything works
well if
> you just take the trouble to engage your brain before firing the
Send button.
> ^Moderator

Thank you so much Helen for your flame and attempted public
humiliation. Some other members posted with very helpful comments.
It seems GMail is auto-attaching something which I was unaware of. I
can now correct the situation with their help. Your rude and
insulting remarks are uncalled for inappropriate for a "moderator".

To those who helped, I say thank you. To Helen I say shame on you.

Mark Deibert