Subject Re: Max users in a big boomer of a server - Classic or SS
Author Eduardo A. Salgado
--- In, "Nigel Weeks" <nweeks@e...>
> TIP. Use a Unix box for the DB server. Process startup time and
> switching time is less than on a windows box - you'll be able to
launch and
> move around more CS servers per second, meaning faster times for
your users.
> Which unix? FreeBSD is lighter on process switching again that
Linux, but
> it's got to be what you're comfortable with.

> As soon as you want to use over 1 processor, switch to Classic.


I need to check with the customer (as they provided all the hardware
for their site) on what they feel confortable with. More often than
not, they seem to go Windows 2003 server.

Thanks for your well thought out input.