Subject Re: [firebird-support] Generator Fires Twice??
Author Sam Hunt
Helen Borrie wrote:

> At 06:17 PM 9/08/2005 +0000, Sam Hunt wrote:
> >The following statement used to work.
> >(pg 648 Helen's book)
> >
> >
> >and did exactly what it was supposed to do - grab the new record ID
> >created by the GEN_PK_CONSTITUENTS generator when the BI trigger
> >fired.
> No, it never did that. What it did (does) do is to pull a new value from
> the generator for the client program to use. It has absolutely no
> connection to the the BI trigger.
> >Now, I get the following error when I attempt to trace (in Delphi)
> >thru this line of code:
> >"SQL error code = -104
> >Unexpected end of command'.
> This part of the problem lies somewhere in your Delphi code. How are you
> submitting the statement? What is your API interface component doing
> with
> the statement? Can you put a monitor on it to see the statement that is
> being passed across the API?
> >Also, the trigger value is destroyed and the above statement causes a
> >new value to be created.
> This part of the problem is due to not having the BI trigger test the
> new.value for NULL before deciding whether to grab a new value from the
> generator. Go back to P. 647 and start at the heading "Implementing
> Auto-Incrementing Keys".
> ./heLen
Thank you for your reply.
I am studying your book and trying to apply its lessons regarding this
I am also looking at my code in more detail.
Sam Hunt