Subject Max users in a big boomer of a server - Classic or SS
Author Eduardo A. Salgado
Trying to determine which FB server (1.5.x) is best for a location
with a big boomer of a server at a new installation. It has 8
processors and 3.5 Gig of RAM and runs Windows 2003 Server. The
installation uses Citrix to service some 45 locations in the US and
with a theoretical number of users (overall, not concurrent) of 900
+/-. Guess on how many will eventually really be concurrent is about

Currently using SuperServer with affinity to just one processor
during test. And users mention service being slow.

The Firebird Book says 1,024 is the theoretical limit for connected
users but after 930 the system may hang. It also suggests 150
concurrent for a practical base on a low-mod specification for SS.

But this is a huge machine with lots of resources. Is Classic the
best for this set up (Until we get Vulcan)?

This is a big customer and we need to make sure we can serve the most
users and at the fastest "perceived" speed.

What is the best FB Server for this set up: SS or Classic?

Is this enough information on which to make an informed suggestion?