Subject Jaybird and ResultSet
Author Michael Shaw
In the Jaybird release notes it states:

"JayBird behaves differently not only when different result set
types are used but also the behavior depends whether connection is in
auto-commit mode or not. ResultSet.TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY result sets when
used in auto-commit mode are completely cached on the client before
the execution of the query is finished. This leads to the increased
time needed to execute statement, however the result set navigation
happens almost instantly."

Is this really the case? My own observations are puzzling me. I
have a test query which returns around 13000 records. The call to
execute the query returns almost immediately. During the calls to the
getXXX() methods there is traffic on the network and about 3 seconds
later the loading is complete. In my test case I'm using a regular
Statement object, not a PreparedStatment. I'm sure that auto-commit
is set to true. I'm not explicitly forcing the TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY
PROPERTY, but isn't that the default? Any thoughts?