Subject Re: [firebird-support] Jaybird and ResultSet
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:06 AM 9/08/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>In the Jaybird release notes it states:
>"JayBird behaves differently not only when different result set
>types are used but also the behavior depends whether connection is in
>auto-commit mode or not. ResultSet.TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY result sets when
>used in auto-commit mode are completely cached on the client before
>the execution of the query is finished. This leads to the increased
>time needed to execute statement, however the result set navigation
>happens almost instantly."
>Is this really the case? My own observations are puzzling me. I
>have a test query which returns around 13000 records. The call to
>execute the query returns almost immediately. During the calls to the
>getXXX() methods there is traffic on the network and about 3 seconds
>later the loading is complete. In my test case I'm using a regular
>Statement object, not a PreparedStatment. I'm sure that auto-commit
>is set to true. I'm not explicitly forcing the TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY
>PROPERTY, but isn't that the default? Any thoughts?

Why not ask on the firebird-java list? This is the main support list for
the DBMS, not for detailed client language interface topics...