Subject Re: Need clarification on remote firebird connection
Author kj01135
Hi Simon,

Thanks for the quick answer. Do you mean I needn't worry anything
when the connection is broken while in the middle of transferring
data. Will firebird get stuck after this occured?

Kenneth Man

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> > 1. When server 1 is sending data to server 2 and the
> > connection breaked, will server 1 keep trying to send data to
> > server 2 or will the process time out automatically?
> If using TCP then no, once the connection is broken the server
> try to send any more data. And no FB does not time out
automatically. That
> said a firewall could be set to timeout after a certain period of
> activity so unless you control the server assume nothing.
> > 2. Assuming the process will time out automatically, is it
> > safe to connect these two server at all time (knowing the
> > remote connection will break at random time) or just connect
> > and disconnect everytime when demand is needed?
> To connect every time would, IMO, be overkill. It might be better
to detect
> when the connection is broken (client side) and attempt to
> Rgds
> Si Carter