Subject RE: [firebird-support] Need clarification on remote firebird connection
Author Simon Carter
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> 1. When server 1 is sending data to server 2 and the
> connection breaked, will server 1 keep trying to send data to
> server 2 or will the process time out automatically?

If using TCP then no, once the connection is broken the server *shouldn't*
try to send any more data. And no FB does not time out automatically. That
said a firewall could be set to timeout after a certain period of non
activity so unless you control the server assume nothing.

> 2. Assuming the process will time out automatically, is it
> safe to connect these two server at all time (knowing the
> remote connection will break at random time) or just connect
> and disconnect everytime when demand is needed?

To connect every time would, IMO, be overkill. It might be better to detect
when the connection is broken (client side) and attempt to reconnect.


Si Carter