Subject firebird server control restricted user
Author blindguardianh

i've installed firebird on a windows system using the administrator
user and everything works fine, but when i log in on the system with a
restricted user i can't access the options from the firebird server
manager (firebird server control) located in the control panel, e.g. to
start/stop the server. i've tried to add two services (firebird
guardian and server both default instance) with the instsvc command
using the administrator user this way: instsvc i -g -d -l user pass,
what installed the services for the user i want and not localsystem but
it didn't work because the options are still disabled in the firebird
server manager . i've changed the permissions of the firebird's keys in
the registry and of the firebird directory in program files to full
control for the restricted user and it didn't work too (it was what
i've done with interbase and it's worked).

i'd appreciate any answers. thanks!

see ya!!!!