Subject Re: Slow Sweep speed on large database - Long post
Author Eduardo A. Salgado
--- In, Alexandre Benson Smith
<iblist@t...> wrote:
> The client interface are the same for SS ou CS, so if you install
> CS on some sites (that could benefit from it) will not hurt the
> others and requires zero changes in your app code. ;-)

OK, I'll look into it.

Now, implementing your other suggestions ... worked!

I identified some 6 really bad indexes and deleted them.

Sweep was then instantaneous!

Back up took just 7:01 minutes and Restore about 20 minutes. Success!

Now, since I have you on the line, refresh me again on how to turn
indexes with low selectivity into better indexes. I am about to test
some queries for timing with and without the indexes. So, building
better selective indexes will help a lot.