Subject insert/update/delete - conversion error from string ??
Author Andi Voss

I´ve a problem to insert/update or delete data to/from only one specific
Everytime I get the error:
"conversion error from string "" "
but the SQL-Querys are 100% correct. Heres a very simple one (insert
into preise (artikelnr,preislst) values ('andi02','2') ). This one
doesn't work. The same to update and delete. In every other table it is
possible to change the data in it.

The strange thing is, a copy of this db is running on another host (same
FirebirdSS-, same OS Slackware 8.1 Kernel 2.4.26 ) and
everything works fine in the specific table.
It does not matter from which programm the SQL-Query is set. isql,
ibwebadmin, ibexpert - everytime the same error. IBExpert show this
additional info:
"Overflow occured during datatype conversion
conversion error from string "" "

Another DB with the same structure but different data is running on the
same host and everything is fine when the SQL-Query from above is set.
I reinstalled the Firebird-Server. Shutting down etc. nothing was

What/where could be the problem?
Need more info?

Thanks for help.
Greets Andi