Subject RE: [firebird-support] Server Services failures. Is this Firebird related?
Author Graeme Edwards
> I have seen the same symptoms quite a few times on Firebird super server
> 1.5.2 usually on a
> Windows 2003 server. The firebird server appears to be running and any
> attempt to stop it
> seems to send it into a "Stopping" state. It may eventually stop
> if you wait
> long enough, 5 minutes
> or more.

I never stop the firebird service first - I stop guardian, then firebird.
When I start it I just start guardian.

If you stop the FB service without stopping guardian, the guardian will get
in a not trying to start it while it's stopping. Pretty sure that's what
you're seeing.

Good point there, since the guardian is responsible for restarting the
server. However I am pretty sure
that both services go into the same stopping mode when attempts are made to
stop the guardian
when the firebird server freezes, at least in the particular cases that I
have looked at.
I was aware that the guardian should be stopped first and will stop the
server when it is stopped,
but trying to stop the guardian was unsuccessful in all cases.

> Using task manager to kill the Firebird Server process, and then
> restarting
> it from the
> services console does work, but is hardly a long term solution.
> The only common thread that I could find in the firebird server
> freezing was
> that there was a bug
> in my delphi application that was attempting to attempting to make a
> connection to the server
> using Netbeui protocol where TCP/IP should have been used. Other
> clients may
> have been connected
> already using TCP/IP when the Netbeui connection was attempted.
> As soon as the rogue Netbeui connection was changed to TCP/IP, we have had
> no further problems with
> Firebird server freezing.


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