Subject RE: [firebird-support] Server Services failures. Is this Firebird related?
Author Alan McDonald
> I have seen the same symptoms quite a few times on Firebird super server
> 1.5.2 usually on a
> Windows 2003 server. The firebird server appears to be running and any
> attempt to stop it
> seems to send it into a "Stopping" state. It may eventually stop
> if you wait
> long enough, 5 minutes
> or more.

I never stop the firebird service first - I stop guardian, then firebird.
When I start it I just start guardian.

If you stop the FB service without stopping guardian, the guardian will get
in a not trying to start it while it's stopping. Pretty sure that's what
you're seeing.

> Using task manager to kill the Firebird Server process, and then
> restarting
> it from the
> services console does work, but is hardly a long term solution.
> The only common thread that I could find in the firebird server
> freezing was
> that there was a bug
> in my delphi application that was attempting to attempting to make a
> connection to the server
> using Netbeui protocol where TCP/IP should have been used. Other
> clients may
> have been connected
> already using TCP/IP when the Netbeui connection was attempted.
> As soon as the rogue Netbeui connection was changed to TCP/IP, we have had
> no further problems with
> Firebird server freezing.