Subject Re: Server Services failures. Is this Firebird related?
Author rogervellacott
Thanks for the replies to this. The problem extends beyond FB to all
the other services. Most of them start on rebooting the server, but
once booted, you can't stop or start any of them. You can't even
change the properties on any of them (eg from Manual to Automatic)
without getting a time-out failure.

As it has happened on two separate servers running FB, I am worried
that FB may have caused the problem. But I have uninstalled FB on
one of the servers, and this has not solved the problem. You still
can't stop or start services. I have run RegistryMechanic to fix any
registry errors, and the only thing left is to re-install Windows.

I suppose it is reassuring if nobody in this newsgroup has seen
anything similar, as that probably means fB is not guilty. It would
be nice to know what is going on though.

Roger Vellacott

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<rvellacott@p...> wrote:
> Last week a client's Win2000 server running FB1.50 Classic ground
to a
> halt. On inspection, FBGuard was running, but FBServer was not.
> to stop FBServer timed out, leaving FBServer in a "Stopping"
> None of the other services could be stopped or started, including
> simple ones, like Telnet. So I assumed it was a nasty Windows
> Firebird is now happily running on a temporary server (one of the
> workstations) and we are waiting for a Windows re-install on the
> However, last night another client with FB1.50 Superserver had a
> cut, and the UPS battery ran out. Firebird stopped working, and
> the same symptoms as the first client. Services cannot be started
> stopped. Firebird 1.5.2 installs, but fails when it times out at
> end when it tries to install the service.
> If this is not a Firebird issue, then it is a strange coincidence.
> Does anyone know what is going on?
> Roger Vellacott
> Passfield Data Systems