Subject Re: Firebird Server crashes -if FSecure Management Agent running
Author ashwiz_za
--- In, "ashwiz_za" <ashley@s...> wrote:
> Hi there
> Is this a bug or a conflict?
> Firebird does not run if FSecure Management Agent is installed on the
> server. Have tested with various versions of Firebird and FSecure 5.4
> / 5.5
> I have checked, it does not seem to be the ports, or firewall, or
> anything like that...
> If just FSecure anti-virus, works fine, but if installed on same
> machine as the FSecure Enterprise Management Agent, it does not run.
> With FSecure 5.5 if we shut down the "Web Reporting" service, then
> Firebird starts and runs.
> Has anyone else experienced this? Have I done something wrong?
> I have tested on 2 seperate networks, 2 different servers.
> OS: Windows 2000 Server, latest service packs.
> FSecure: 5.4 / 5.5
> Firebird: 1.5.0 / 1.5.2, both Classic and Super Server
> -Super Server -guardian starts, but not server
> -Classic -both guardian and server start, but when try
> connect gives error "can't connect to db", "can't write file'.

Hi there

Ok, seems it is more of a conflict, but also not really. The FSecure
Web reporting stuff is also running Firebird!!! ...thats a good thing!
So that explains the problem.

Got this reply from the technical guys at FSecure...

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SR ID: 1-33131652
Created: 2005-04-07 07:23:00 PM
Subject: Firebird does not run if FSecure Management Agent installed


The problem is that Web reporting is also using Firebird and two can
not run at the same time (Windows restriction). It's not
supported/official but you can try this:

1. Stop PMWR and IXI-Framework Firebird services.
2. Rename that registry variable "HKLM\Software\Firebird Project" to
something else.
3. Enable CreateInternalWindow = 0 setting in both firebird.conf files
(for PMWR it is found under C:\Program Files\T-TeleSec SDS\Management
Server 5\Web Reporting\firebird and IXI-Framework has it in some easy
directory too).
4. Restart PMWR and IXI-Framework Firebird services.

Best regards,

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