Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird Server crashes -if FSecure Management Agent running
Author Daniel Rail

At April 22, 2005, 12:54, ashwiz_za wrote:

> Is this a bug or a conflict?

Probably a conflict.

> Firebird does not run if FSecure Management Agent is installed on the
> server. Have tested with various versions of Firebird and FSecure 5.4
> / 5.5

> I have checked, it does not seem to be the ports, or firewall, or
> anything like that...

> If just FSecure anti-virus, works fine, but if installed on same
> machine as the FSecure Enterprise Management Agent, it does not run.

> With FSecure 5.5 if we shut down the "Web Reporting" service, then
> Firebird starts and runs.

> Has anyone else experienced this?

Maybe FSecure Enterprise Management Agent Web Reporting is using port
3050. Is there an entry in Firebird.log, when Firebird doesn't start?
If you are running on Windows, can you check Windows event log.

> Have I done something wrong?

If it happens to be a port conflict, then it would be to either change
the port settings in FSecure or Firebird(which ever will be easier).

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