Subject Help! New install on Win2k3 Server not working
Author Marc Batchelor
Hey all,

I've been using Firebird 1.5 on my laptop for a while, and it's now
time to get it running on our multi-processor server. Unfortunately,
after installation, the services are running, but I can't get anything
to work. Can someone please help me either:

a- Please tell me what's going on so I can fix the problem.


b- Get some kind of debug logging turned on so that I can get to the
root of the problem.

Here's a sample output showing the problem:

E:\Firebird_1_5\bin>gsec -user sysdba -password masterkey
unavailable database
unable to open database

E:\Firebird_1_5\bin>gsec -user sysdba -password masterkey -database
unavailable database
unable to open database

E:\Firebird_1_5\bin>dir ..
Volume in drive E is PENT_E
Volume Serial Number is 8CB4-B740

Directory of E:\Firebird_1_5

04/25/2005 09:27 AM <DIR> .
04/25/2005 09:27 AM <DIR> ..
12/13/2004 01:05 AM 133 aliases.conf
04/25/2005 08:45 AM <DIR> bin
04/25/2005 08:46 AM <DIR> data
04/25/2005 08:45 AM <DIR> doc
04/25/2005 08:45 AM <DIR> examples
04/25/2005 09:27 AM 19,733 firebird.conf
04/25/2005 09:36 AM 1,872 firebird.log
12/13/2004 01:05 AM 132,796 firebird.msg
04/25/2005 08:45 AM <DIR> help
04/09/2003 11:07 AM 26,519 IDPLicense.txt
04/25/2005 08:45 AM <DIR> include
04/25/2005 08:45 AM <DIR> intl
04/09/2003 11:07 AM 24,405 IPLicense.txt
04/25/2005 08:45 AM <DIR> lib
11/12/2004 03:48 PM 4,809 readme.txt
02/05/2004 01:05 AM 3,072 security.fbk
12/13/2004 01:05 AM 643,072 security.fdb
04/25/2005 08:45 AM <DIR> UDF
04/25/2005 08:45 AM 9,215 unins000.dat
06/15/2004 01:00 AM 77,328 unins000.exe
12 File(s) 962,696 bytes
11 Dir(s) 133,778,653,184 bytes free

E:\Firebird_1_5\bin>isql -user sysdba -password masterkey ../security.fdb
Statement failed, SQLCODE = -904

unavailable database
Use CONNECT or CREATE DATABASE to specify a database
SQL> connect ../security.fdb;
Statement failed, SQLCODE = -904

unavailable database


More information:

a- FBGuard is running.

b- Service has been tried using both the localsystem account and the
administrator account with no differences.

c- I've made sure that the E:\Firebird_1_5 directory is completely
open as far as NTFS security is concerned. I can scale that back when
it's actually working.

d- My changes to the firebird.conf are as follows (and were made
trying to solve the problem, but have had no effect):

TempDirectories = e:\tmp
DatabaseAccess = Full
CpuAffinityMask = 3

e- I installed using the 1.5.2 executable.

f- OS is Windows 2003 Server

Thanks for any help you can give!